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  • SWVG Style Guide – fonts, print size, use of logo, page layout, initials and more, August 2022

SWVG logo

The logo is available in various versions – the usual black and turquoise; turquise only; white only (to put on a dark background); high definition (for big things such as Powerpoints, banners). Email chris.holloway@swvg-refugees.org.uk to discuss what you need.

Here are the versions you are most likely to need:

SWVG colours

The logo uses two colours:
  • solid black
  • light blue: 67C 6M 9Y 0K; 65R 183G 220B
The two main colours in the booklet and leaflet are:
  • Light blue: 80C 34M 0Y 0K; 0R 91G 150B
  • Dark blue: 81C 66M 38Y 50K; 48R 56G 77B