Asylum facts

Most of us will never go through the experience of seeking asylum, and have little understanding of what’s involved or how the UK’s asylum system works. These concise briefings are designed to help.

Claiming asylum

Some people believe that it’s too easy to get into the UK, but the process for claiming asylum in this country can, in fact, be long, stressful and complex. So how exactly does the UK system work?

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The right to work

For most UK citizens of working age, having a job is the key to a decent personal or family life. Working people also pay taxes to help fund education, the NHS and other social expenditure. However, for asylum seekers in the UK, earning a living is not in most cases an option.

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How does the UK compare with other countries?

The UK prides itself on its tradition of openness and justice for all under the rule of law. So how does it compare when it comes to asylum seekers?

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