• There are many good national charities working for asylum seekers in the UK that offer a wealth of information and services. Read more about them here:


  • Asylum Aid – A charity providing advice and legal representation to asylum seekers and refugees.
  • NACCOM – A network of organisations across the UK supporting destitute asylum seekers by providing some form of accommodation.
  • Refugee Action – A charity helping people who’ve fled persecution and violence rebuild their lives, through advice, support and campaigns.
  • The Refugee Council – A leading national charity supporting refugees to rebuild their lives, offers a series of excellent information sheets.
  • Rural Refugee Network– A charity which seeks to help source accommodation for Syrian refugees and campaigns on asylum seeker and refugee issues.
  • City of Sanctuary Founded in 2005, this national movement works through local networks to build a culture of hospitality and welcome for refugees seeking sanctuary from war or persecution. The website includes a comprehensive list of local groups and contacts, plus a useful resources section including advice on how to set up your own group. We have strong links with the City of Sanctuary Southampton.
  • Southampton Action  collects donations for distribution to asylum seekers and refugees in the local area, Calais and further afield and providing practical assistance to refugees

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