We are a group of volunteers who befriend and support adult asylum seekers and refugees in the Southampton area. 

 We do this by:

  • Befriending and offering one-to-one support to asylum seekers and refugees
  • Offering modest financial assistance to those who are homeless and/or destitute
  • Giving one-to-one English teaching for asylum seekers
  • Helping people to find and work with a solicitor to further their asylum claims
  • Providing activities for asylum seekers
  • Getting legal guidance for specific cases
  • Working with other Southampton refugee charities who run a weekly Drop-in Centre in the city
  • Reaching out to churches, schools and community groups who can help them
  • Campaigning for a fairer, more efficient asylum system in the UK.

  Some facts and figures:

  • We’re all about people – many of our volunteers are trained visitors / befrienders working directly with local asylum seekers and refugees
  • We’re economical – over 80% of the money we raise goes to asylum seekers we work with. Our funding comes from charitable trusts and our own fundraising activities.
  • We’re volunteer-led – we pay for just 26 hours per week administrative assistance, and everything else is done by volunteers
  • We’re practical – Our ASSIST scheme provides modest financial support for a limited period to some 25 destitute asylum seekers in Southampton a year. We manage a hostel for homeless asylum seekers while they gather evidence towards their claim. The ASSIST scheme accounts for around 50% of our annual expenditure. We have access to specialist advice from a top immigration solicitor who also gives us regular training on changes in immigration legislation
  • We spread the word – we provide speakers for local churches and other groups, and at a national level we support campaigns on behalf of asylum seekers.

 In a nutshell, we believe that:

  • Every asylum seeker deserves respect and compassion
  • All asylum applications should be heard and dealt with promptly, fairly and fully
  • Being ‘in limbo’ between countries can be very distressing and isolating
  • Asylum seekers have a clear right to protection under the international laws Britain has signed up to
  • No UK asylum seeker should be forced into danger or destitution.

For a quick overview, read our booklet

To find out more, see our Charity Commission pages including our Annual Reports and Financial Statement. We have two sets of pages: one set for charity number 1103093 till December 2019. the other set for charity number 1183558 from Jan 2020.

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