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Befriending and supporting local asylum seekers and refugees is central to what we do. In 2016/17, our team of trained Visitors worked with 45 local asylum seekers from 30 different countries, meeting them on a regular basis.  We also provided financial support to 19 individuals who were destitute or nearly so.

Our team of Visitors and Back-up Visitors offer individuals personal friendship and support, typically meeting them once a week for about an hour.  The Visitor provides a listening ear for the asylum seeker’s hopes and fears, problems and sadness.  They also organise tailored support as needs arise. This might include helping an asylum seeker:

  • Find accommodation
  • Attend medical and other appointments
  • Get the right legal advice
  • Find his or her way around local transport and facilities.

Other members of the Visiting Team sometimes assist with teaching English, applying for educational grants, accompanying to court hearings and other specific tasks.

To become a Visitor you first have to undergo a full day’s training course.  These are held at least once a year. Although the role can be a demanding and sometimes daunting , many find it hugely fulfilling.

It requires:

  • About an hour a week with the client, plus time for preparation, follow-up, seeking advice and support meetings – usually about 4 hours a week
  • The ability to work both as a member of a team and also on your own initiative
  • Good communication skills
  • Practical problem-solving skills
  • The ability to maintain confidentiality
  • A degree of emotional resilience

We offer a wealth of support including:

  • Comprehensive initial training plus a handbook and web-site material for ongoing reference
  • Support and advice from the Coordinators and from an experienced colleague who acts as mentor and backup Visitor
  • Regular Visitors’ support meetings for problem-solving and sharing knowledge and experiences
  • General member meetings on topical issues every two months
  • Opportunities for ongoing training and to attend conferences as required

Read about the experience of some of our Visitors

To find out more about joining our team of Visitors and/or request an application form, please email our secretary on info@SWVG-refugees.org.uk

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Working with an asylum seeker at the Avenue Multicultural CentreWorking with an asylum seeker at the Avenue Multicultural Centre

Vanessa chats to an asylum seeker after a fundraising concertVanessa Redgrave chats to an asylum seeker after a fundraising concert