There’s plenty to do if you support SWVG’s aims, whether you want to be a visitor or teacher or to volunteer in another role.

We invite you to do our introductory programme in your own time on your own computer.

Once you’ve done this and completed part 1 of SWVG training by attending an online discussion, you can get started in roles such as organising events, campaigning, keeping the SWVG website and social media up-to-date, or helping with meetings.

Follow-up training is arranged for people who want to work one-to-one with an asylum seeker, whether befriending or teaching English.

The introductory programme is a PowerPoint presentation with internet links. There are three elements – about SWVG and how you might help; safeguarding; and about asylum. There is also an outline of further training to be a teacher or visitor.

If you’d like to apply to be trained as a volunteer, here’s the SWVG Volunteer Application Form. Fill it in and send it to