SWVG Training

There’s plenty to do if you support SWVG’s aims, whether you want to be a visitor or teacher or to volunteer in another role.

We invite you to do our introductory programme in your own time on your own computer.

The introductory programme is a PowerPoint presentation with internet links. There are three elements – about SWVG and how you might help; safeguarding; and about asylum. There is also an outline of further training to be a teacher or visitor.

Once you’ve done this and completed part 1 of SWVG training by attending an online discussion, you can get started in roles such as organising events, campaigning, keeping the SWVG website and social media up-to-date, or helping with meetings.

Follow-up training is arranged for people who want to work with people seeking asylum, such as the drop-in help desk, befriending or teaching English.

If you’d like to apply to be trained as a volunteer, here’s the SWVG Volunteer Application Form. Fill it in and send it to info@SWVG-refugees.org.uk

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