SWVG’s training for volunteers

This page is about SWVG’s training for volunteers. Training is organised by the Training Group.

Part 1 – introduction to SWVG and seeking asylum

1.  SWVG-Initial-Training-V6.8 be worked through independently (last revised April 2024)

This should take about an hour and a half

2. Part 1 Zoom meeting

Duration 1 hour to 1.5 hours

Aim of Training: To enable participants to:

    • meet members of SWVG
    • meet other new volunteers
    • reflect on and discuss training pdf above
    • ask questions
    • consider next steps


  1. Welcome – including context and ethos
  2. Introductions
  3. Motivation and experience of volunteers
  4. Reflections on training pdf– surprises/ areas of interest……
  5. Questions
  6. Plans for future training/contact/support group allocation/visit to AMC

Part 2 and Part 3 

Duration 8 hours

Aim of Training To enable participants to:

    • understand the needs of people seeking asylum
    • develop an awareness of the legal system for people seeking asylum and support systems in the UK
    • understand the roles of befrienders/visitors; teachers and desk support
    • understand the importance of the SWVG support systems for SWVG volunteers (especially for those in direct contact with people seeking asylum)
    • transfer the skills of communication, listening and assertiveness to those of different cultural groups


  1. Legal system and asylum support system
  2. Experience of a person seeking asylum
  3. Experience of a befriender/visitor
  4. Experience of being a teacher
  5. Health and wellbeing
  6. Introduction to support groups
  7. Communication and Assertiveness skills
  8. Listening skills
  9. Introduction to resources



If you’d like to apply to be trained as a volunteer, here’s the SWVG Volunteer Application Form. Fill it in and send it to info@SWVG-refugees.org.uk