Refugee Action- Right to Work Campaign

Refugee Action-  Right to Work Campaign

Refugee Action, a national asylum seeker and refugee rights charity, is leading a campaign to open up a right to work for asylum seekers waiting for a decision on their status.

As the charity explains: “Fleeing war and persecution is only the start of a difficult and often traumatic journey for people seeking asylum. Current Home Office rules do not allow them to work while their claim is assessed, forcing people further into hardship as they wait months, even years.”

The current system means asylum seekers must live off £5.39 a day. SWVG has been campaigning for a right to work to allow everyone to reach their potential, to give asylum seekers meaning and purpose, to reduce the burden on the State, to make use of their amazing talents and to promote integration in UK society- the place they call home.

If you would like to support this campaign, please get in contact with SWVG – we are always looking for local people, passionate about promoting the cause of asylum seekers in their community, to get involved. You can also sign the Refugee Action petition, calling on the Government to lift the ban.

For more information on the SWVG Right to Work Campaign, read Baila’s Story and look at some of our campaign updates.