Asylum stories

Our volunteers work one-to-one with the asylum seekers we support, and one of the privileges of the role is to get to know their histories, skills and experiences. Here are just some of their stories.

Achieving Asylum … that golden moment

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Baila’s story

‘Teaching is my passion, I am a born teacher’

Ali’s story

‘Unfortunately, my claim was refused, as so many are’

Hanna’s story

‘Being unable to work made me forget the skills I had’

Pierre’s story

‘I only just escaped being forcibly deported’

Here are other some other stories.

On the radio

Afghanistan asylum seeker waits for decision over UK refugee claim on BBC South News 8 April 2022


The short film North Star Fading is based on the testimonies of three Eritrean women who made the journey from Eritrea to the UK overland through Ethiopia, Sudan, Libya, the Mediterranean, Europe and to the UK. Two of the women were sent back to Eritrea after failed asylum cases and one of the women made the journey again and was successfully granted asylum in the UK on her second attempt.

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