SWVG is a registered charity (charity number 1103093)

SWVG was founded in 1989. We operate on a purely voluntary basis, organised as follows:

  • Our Executive Committee has up to nine members who are the trustees of the charity, taking overall responsibility for our work and finances. Read more about our trustees

Most of what we do is planned and managed directly by members, working in the following sub-groups:

  • Our Visiting Team of over 40 trained volunteers are all engaged in our core work of weekly one-to-one befriending and support to local asylum seekers and refugees. The team is led by the Coordinator and two Deputy
    Coordinators who organise initial assessments for each newly referred asylum seeker, appoint visitors, monitor developments and respond to problems
  • Our Fundraising Group writes bids for grants from charitable trusts, liaises with churches and other organisations who make donations, and promotes charitable gifts from individuals
  • Our Events Groups (one in Winchester and one in Southampton)  organise activities such as concerts, theatrical performances, talks, dinners and sponsored walks to raise funds and awareness of the plight of destitute asylum seekers
  • Our Communications Group manages our website and social media presence as well as producing leaflets, newsletters and other materials
  • Our Legal Justice Group decides which cases need to be forwarded to our legal advisor for assessment, as well as agreeing expenditure on legal-related activities
  • Our Money Allocation Group meets monthly to allocate ASSIST funds for housing and subsistence to those who are destitute
  • Our Campaign Group raises awareness of asylum issues and supports national campaigns
  • Our Activities groups organises events such as visits, parties or walks for asylum seekers
  • Our Support Groups give visitors the chance to talk through problems and share information
  • Our Training Group arranges training for visitors and other new recruits

For full details, read our 2016 Executive Committee Report and Financial Statement

For a quick overview, read our Annual Review

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 SWVG members support Refugees Welcome march in London SWVG members support Refugees Welcome march in London