Section 4 NASS Support – Who is Eligible and How to Apply

If a client’s solicitor has sent in a new claim (or representations) they can then apply for Section 4 – a special type of NASS Hardship Support.   They will not have to sign any agreement to going back to their country of origin.

SWVG expects clients to apply for Section 4 if they are eligible. Visitors can help make an application – the details and the procedure for doing this are given below.

Please note: If a client is eligible but does not apply for Section 4 they will not be considered for renewed ASSIST support from SWVG.


Client will need:

(1) A statement from SWVG confirming he/she is about to become destitute and giving the date when SWVG financial support will finish. This statement can be supplied by either the Administrator or Christine Knight.

(2)     A letter from the solicitor stating that the Fresh Claim (or representations) has been posted.

Or a copy of the Fresh Claim (or representations) plus evidence that it has been posted (e.g. a certificate of posting)

Asylum Welcome will help you to fill in the application form. They have a desk at the Avenue Multicultural Centre on a Friday from 10.00 until 2.00pm. Asylum Welcome consists of Pam Watkins (CLEAR), George Brown (British Red Cross) and several members of SWVG.

If Section 4 support is granted:

(1)     The client will receive £35 in vouchers or on Azure card each week

(2)     He/she will be given accommodation. This probably will not be in Southampton and they may have to share a room.

Occasionally, there may be reasons for a client to be exempt from applying for Section 4.

Agreed exemption criteria

SWVG may continue ASSIST support if:

(1)  There are well-founded health reasons for not sharing a room

(2)  The continuity of healthcare or counselling in Southampton is essential to the client’s well-being

(3)  There are likely to be severe mental health problems if the client leaves Southampton

The client/visitor would need to provide evidence backing one or more of these criteria. Continued ASSIST would normally be reviewed monthly.

Continuity of education courses and ease of access to solicitor are not exemption criteria.

If Section 4 support is refused the client should appeal against the decision.