Support after getting Leave to Remain

Financial support has been available for people already getting help from SWVG, who need help to bridge the gap between receiving Asylum Support and Universal Credit.

Asylum subsistence used to stop 28 days after receiving a positive decision, which is usually the date when someone has to leave their NASS accommodation. SWVG used to pay subsistence for up to four weeks after NASS support ended. This gave someone up to eight weeks to apply for Universal Credit and find new accommodation.

These arrangements are under review due to recent changes introduced by the Home Office. In order to speed up proceedings, some people may only get seven days notice before they are evicted from hotels or houses.  However, Universal Credit will take some time to start, especially as we often see long delays in the arrival of the BRP.

Because of the large number of people supported by SWVG visitors and the Helpdesk Team, we need to review what help can be given. We are working together with CLEAR and the newly established ‘Refugees for Employment’.  Both these groups are well trained to help with the application for benefits.

SWVG does not provide accommodation for people with Leave to Remain. We encourage them to seek help from CLEAR to apply for housing or to contact Southampton City Council housing department themselves. SCC can signpost where to find emergency accommodation. Many visitors are happy to help people with this process, or help with looking for private rented housing.