Financial Support for Clients with Leave to Remain


The focus of SWVG’s financial support for clients has always primarily been on those clients trying to obtain leave to remain in the UK as they are often destitute, not entitled to state benefits and not allowed to work.

We also give support short term to some clients who have recently been given leave to remain and who are making applications for job seekers allowance and housing benefit.

We have also provided assistance to some clients with leave to remain who have needed support in specific circumstances and we have allowed visitors to apply to other organisations in SWVG’s name for funds to help an individual client.


We expect that it will become increasingly difficult for us to raise funds to support clients seeking leave to remain.

  1. In future we will only consider providing funds to clients who have leave to remain if there are very exceptional circumstances. These clients are entitled to support from social services and other agencies and they should be applying to them.
  2. Applications on behalf of individual clients to other organisations will only be made for clients seeking leave to remain.
  3. Some organisations, such as St Faiths, will not allow us to apply for funding for clients generally if we are also making applications for individual clients. It is important that all visitors avoid applying to these organisations.