Expense claims by SWVG volunteers (download as a pdf)

Frequency of claims
(1) Claims should not be left outstanding for more than two months
(2) Claims should not exceed £200 before being claimed
(3) Completed claim forms and receipts should be sent to the Administrator

Gift-aid and other donations
(1) If you wish to donate some of your costs back to SWVG, please send a cheque for the relevant amount to the Administrator
(2) If you wish SWVG to claim the tax back on your donation, please complete a gift-aid form and return this to the Treasurer

Payments to clients
(1)    One-off payments of over £20 and less than £120 must first be cleared by the co-ordinator or a deputy co-ordinator
(2)    One-off payments of over £120 must first be cleared by the Money Allocation Group.

(1) Expense claims must be accompanied by the relevant receipts
(2) Clients must sign receipts for all cash and phone cards received
(3) Claims for payments made by volunteers (e.g. travel to conference, item bought for client) must be accompanied by receipts

Travel – Visits to clients
Visitors can claim costs for visiting clients as below.  The allowance is towards the cost of fuel. If you wish to claim the cost of parking and the purchase of a drink and light snack for your client, these should be claimed separately with receipts.

(1) Visitors travelling from Winchester: £9.00. 
(2) Visitors travelling from the outskirts of Southampton: £6.00. 
(3) Visitors living within Southampton: £4.50 
(4) Visitors living elsewhere or making other journeys (eg taking the client to hospital or the solicitor): mileage at 30p/mile

Travel – Mileage
Mileage for trips to SWVG meetings etc is calculated at 30p per mile.

Claim form