Fundraising for individual clients

SWVG never fundraises for individual clients. However, on rare occasions a volunteer or visitor may wish to make a special personal appeal for a particular client. (An example was an appeal to pay for flying children to UK to be reunited with their disabled mother.) 

Arrangements can usually be made for SWVG to handle these donations, following these essential rules:

  1. The nature of the appeal must be appropriate to the general aims of SWVG.
  2. Alternative ways of raising the money must have been explored
  3. The volunteer or visitor must apply to the Money Advice Group before starting the appeal.
  4. The volunteer or visitor must consult the treasurer regarding capacity to handle appeal funds
  5. The appeal must be for a specific amount and a fixed end date, which must be stated in the appeal letters. Letters must also state that any surplus funds will be retained by the Group for the ASSIST scheme.
  6. It must be completely clear to potential donors and to the client that this is not an SWVG appeal.
  7. It must be clear that SWVG will not pay any shortfall in the appeal or any debts incurred.
  8. Appeal letters must be agreed by the Money Advice Group before being circulated.
  9. Donors will be thanked and informed about the amount raised by the SWVG treasurer or SWVG administrator.

A volunteer or visitor can also help someone to get to obtain money themselves, from other charities, organisations, churches and individuals. (A real example is a church agreeing to pay some school fees for a client’s daughter in the home country.)