Examples of requests and updates for the Money Allocation Group

The monthly Money Allocation Group (MAG) makes decisions about allocating SWVG funds to help asylum seekers.

The SWVG Administrator asks the relevant volunteer (normally the visitor) for an update about the situation to take to the meeting when ASSIST support is being considered for renewal – usually by email. The update should include any news about the client’s legal case, health and accommodation, and any other information which is relevant to whether SWVG should continue to provide ASSIST support.

SWVG volunteers can also email the SWVG Administrator with requests for funding, for example for gym membership or a child’s activities.

Here are some examples of the sort of information which the MAG finds useful:

Example A

A has decided to proceed with a fresh claim and the option for NASS support when his case is being processed. I have been in contact with Jo Renshaw to get the process started, submitting the extra documentation she needed. We are currently waiting for Jo to get back in contact.

When the case has been submitted, I will take A through the process of applying for NASS support, so he can move from the hostel into NASS accommodation.

Example B

B went to Croydon on 30th Sept and submitted her asylum claim. We met with Ellie at Leonards on Friday 8th who completed her statement. She is now waiting for her substantive interview. Her health is poor, severe problems with wisdom teeth, breathing problems and panic attacks. She is regularly seeing psychiatrists for depression and suicidal thoughts.

She is currently living with and this seems a satisfactory arrangement for both at present. She is not able to contribute anything financially and I think £20 ASSIST plus £20 sofa money would help them both.

Example C

C had a hearing in Birmingham early in December. Her claim was refused but she was advised to make either further representations or a fresh claim. The law firm working for her are not willing to pursue this (?cost) but she has found another firm who are willing to act for her and have already started the process. The family with whom she is living wants her to leave but she has nowhere to go. She made a claim for Section 4 before Christmas but has not heard the outcome. She keeps in regular contact with Migrant Help.

Recommend further payments until Section 4 is resolved.

Example D

D is still waiting for his amended BRP to arrive from the Home Office. It has now been almost a month since we contacted MH regarding the error in the spelling of his surname. D therefore is still in NASS accommodation.

Can we please continue to pay for his gym membership until he is able to move on to Universal Credit?

Example E

E’s 2 children (aged 6 and 9) would very much like to have swimming lessons. The cost would be £40 per child per term. Can MAG help with the funding?


Updated January 2020 CG