Email etiquette in SWVG

Most of us get more emails that we want to. This aims to make life easier for us all.  They are not hard and fast rules, but guidance to reduce stress and confusion.

Who to send your email to

  • Only use “reply all” when all need to see your reply.  
  • Only Jessica should send emails to everyone in SWVG. If you have something to tell everyone, ask Jessica to put it in Weekly Notices. And/or get it put on the member website by emailing it to

Your heading

  • Use the heading to state what your email is about. It’s hard to find an old message if doesn’t have a clear, relevant header.
  • If you reply to an old email to get the addresses you need, change the heading.
  • Mark emails for info only, important or please respond
  • If you need a reply, say so – with your deadline.

Your footer

If you are emailing from an SWVG email address (i.e., your email is a SWVG communication. This means it must contain basic facts about SWVG. The easiest way to do this without having to remember is to set an automatic signature/footer. Here is an example:

Your name (if you want, you can add your phone number and role in SWVG)

SWVG (Southampton and Winchester Visitors Group)

Registered 2019 as a charitable incorporated organisation: 1183558

PO Box 1615 Southampton, SO17 3WF