These notes are to help volunteers support people. 

They may not be aware the serious implications of being involved in (or even close to) drugs in the UK.  This will be particularly the case if their own country does not have a drug problem or takes a different view on drugs.

When appropriate make someone aware that any involvement with drugs is taken very seriously in this country and will result in severe penalties for those involved.

Emphasise that SWVG cannot support people involved with drugs. People on ASSIST support have signed an agreement to that effect.

We do not have the professional skills to handle drug related problems.  Our guidelines are as follows:

  • People with a drug habit we refer to a professional agency
  • People involved in drug dealing we would have to report to the police

The reason for this firm approach is that any support would put SWVG at risk as a reputable charity and as a result donors would be very unlikely to continue to provide the money that we need.

Advise people to keep well away from drug related activities because:

  • Police raids are very thorough. Police will ask questions of anyone close and may involve UKBA, with the risk of detention/ deportation.
  • They risk being accused as an accessory.

Some people may be tempted to make money through drugs, particularly if they are destitute. However, the implications for them and the effects on others, especially their friends, family and SWVG, make it imperative that they steer clear of any drug related involvement.

Drugs Advice https://www.talktofrank.com/  0300 1236600

Southampton Drug and Alcohol Support Services for adults

Change Grow Live (CGL)
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Telephone: 023 8071 7171
Website: Change Grow Live
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Chris Stephens