ASSIST Scheme for Asylum Seekers and Refused Asylum Seekers

ASSIST  For Asylum Seekers and Refused Asylum Seekers

Money for ASSIST support is allocated by MAG.  Money may not be ring-fenced by the donor for a particular client (or type of client, e.g. only a Christian client).

Applications for ASSIST support should be sent by visitors to MAG (to the Administrator, copied to the Coordinator).  The ASSIST application form should be filled in as fully as possible.

MAG meets monthly, usually on the second Monday of the month, and at these meetings decides on both new and renewed ASSIST support.

ASSIST support is dependent on the level of available funds.  SWVG has no regular income and depends on grants and donations.  Therefore money allocated for a client’s support will only be for up to 8 weeks.  An application can be made for renewal at the end of this period.

Subsistence support is £35 per week for food, toiletries, etc.

Full support is the rent for a small basic room plus subsistence support.  (The rent money is to be paid directly to the landlord, not normally to be given to the client.)

If new or renewed ASSIST support is agreed, the visitor needs to issue the Client Agreement Form to his/her client, draw attention to the end date and conditions and get the client to sign.

Criteria for giving ASSIST support

  1. The client must normally be living in Southampton
  2. SWVG should normally have a referral or character reference for the client (especially if full support is being considered)
  3. There must be no history of violence or misuse of drugs or alcohol
  4. Other possible sources of support must have been explored
  5. ASSIST support will not normally be given if the client is eligible for Section 4 support
  6. The health (physical and mental) and vulnerability of the client will be taken into consideration
  7. If applying for renewal of support, the client must have been maintaining regular contact with his/her visitor

Ending ASSIST Support

ASSIST support is always temporary and this should be discussed with the client at an early stage including the possibility of considering Voluntary Return when all else fails and Leave to Remain is not possible.
If all legal options for Leave to Remain have been exhausted ASSIST support will normally not be renewed.
If ASSIST is being discontinued a member of MAG will be at hand to help explain this to the client.

CMK, AS, DV, EP-D, SH, CB   01.04.07
Revised 10/08
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