If an asylum seeker needs a larger sum of money

People most commonly need large sums of money for:

  • Applications for Further / Indefinite Leave to Remain
  • Applications for Citizenship

Applications to extend leave to remain for a further 30 months incur fees of over £1000 per person (Dec 2019 figure) plus a health service charge of £1000 (due to rise again). Similar fees are required to apply for British citizenship.

Former clients who need large sums for this purpose should initially apply to the Home Office for fee waiver. This is done online via the Home Office Website. Some clients have done this successfully on their own, others might need help.

Other reasons

If larger sums are needed for other reasons the visitor should approach the Money Allocation Group (MAG) who may be able to suggest other charities which have funds that can be applied for. Several visitors have done this with great success.

Visitors should not give money

It is understandable that a visitor may want to lend or give additional funds to a person they have come to like and want to support in every way they can.

However, SWVG has a clear policy against the use of personal money.

Reviewed March 2020 CG