Migrant Help and the Blue Lamp Trust: domestic abuse during COVID 19 lockdown

The Blue Lamp Trust continue to accept referrals to the Bobby Scheme for clients who are at serious risk of harm or victims of Domestic Abuse.  They can provide crime and fire prevention support to improve home security.  They can also fit key safes for clients who need to allow access to carers. All visits can be conducted in a manner that protects the health of both client and the fitter.  Complete the form on the website or ring 0300 777 0157

SWVG received this statement about the process followed if Migrant Help receive a complaint of Domestic Violence:

Process in place to respond to DV calls:

Once a call is received and we discover domestic violence has taken place our advisers will:

  • Make a team leader aware.
  • Call the emergency services if there is a concern for safety.
  • Complete a request for assistance with a safeguarding hub referral attached.
  • We advise the service user to call the national domestic violence helpline for specialist advice which we understand is optional.
  • We offer assistance to the service user with calling the national domestic violence helpline if they would like this.
  • Complete our own incident report.
  • Refer to Migrant Help outreach to follow up and offer further support if required.

In cases where the service users already lives in NASS accommodation:

  • We will call the provider to make them aware of the issues (following the call to the police if needed, safeguarding hub referral and request for assistance).

If accommodation is needed we:

  • Ask the service user to speak to the national domestic violence helpline for advice including refuge availability.
  • Make either a S98 or S4 application as necessary depending on eligibility in relation to their asylum status (as below). 

If the service user advises they will not call the helpline and need help with accommodation we:

  • Apply for S98 if there is an ongoing asylum claim / tried or will try to make a new claim.
  • Apply for S4 for failed asylum seekers.
  • Direct to social services if not eligible for any of the above and they potentially meet the SU meets SS criteria (has children / is pregnant)