The Doctors of the World project can support people who have been denied (or asked to pay upfront for) NHS secondary care (hospital) services and other relevant NHS community services (non-primary care) due to their immigration status. They are also able to provide support and advice where individuals have been billed for treatment in relation to Covid-19, for example people being billed for hospital admissions or treatment for Covid-19 or subsequent complications, or being refused/asked to pay upfront for ongoing/rehabilitative care.

The project can be reached at case… or via their Advice Line on 0808 164 7686 (Monday-Friday, 10am-12pm), email is best. They call back with an interpreting service for anyone who doesn’t speak English.

If they have a high volume of cases, support will be prioritised based on clinical urgency, and they will try and advise organisations on how they might take steps to support the client themselves.

People can get in touch directly or be referred if they:

  • Have been refused NHS hospital or non-primary care related NHS services in the community (such has mental health services or palliative care) due to their immigration status, or have been asked to pay for such services upfront before treatment can be given
  • Have been refused treatment for complications related to Covid-19 or rehabilitation treatment
  • Have been charged for hospital or rehabilitation treatment related to having contracted Covid-19

Doctors of the World cannot provide direct support for the following issues, although they can give practical advice on how someone experiencing these issues could try and resolve them, and where to seek further advice if they need more support:

  • If someone has received a bill after having treatment in an NHS hospital, but thinks they shouldn’t have been charged
  • If someone has received a bill after having treatment in an NHS hospital, which they cannot pay in full or at all.

Doctors of the World cannot provide support for the following:

  • If someone is unhappy with the treatment they have received by an NHS service
  • Support to transfer treatment to another hospital