DBS checks (previously called CRB)

  • SWVG’s DBS (the Disclosure and Barring Service) checking procedure is in line with the guidance in the Charity Commission booklet Finding New Trustees (CC30).
  • Any one who wishes to volunteer for SWVG to work with people seeking asylum (such as visitor, backup, teacher, or regular helper at SWVG activities for asylum seekers) and/or in a position of responsibility in SWVG such as trustee, administrator, secretary) must be checked with DBS.
  • Everyone will be enhanced checked for SWVG every three years.
  • Applicant and new volunteers will be given the appropriate forms and information whilst attending the training sessions. References are also asked for.
  • Volunteers do not meet SWVG clients alone until they have been cleared by DBS.
  • SWVG arranges DBS clearance for visitors through Harwin Associates Ltd, a registered criminal record vetting agency
  • The DBS liaison person (the Administrator/Secretary) is informed by Harwins when an applicant’s DBS certificate has been dispatched to the applicant. SWVG needs to see the certificate within 28 days.
  • Once they receive their DBS certificate, volunteers are encouraged to register it with the DBS update service. This enables SWVG to check their certificate online.
  • The DBS Monitoring Group (Chair, Administrator/Secretary, Coordinator and Deputy Coordinator) are informed of all DBS results. This information is confidential and shared/discussed only with the person concerned.