Campaigning Group

The SWVG Campaigns Group campaigns to improve the lives of asylum seekers locally and nationally. Its main members are William Brook-Hart, Juliet Offner, Emma Dahl and Lesley Sheldon-Browning, with support from Elly Kilroy (Comms) and Jane Waller.

Terms of Reference of SWVG Campaigning Group, June 2019 (download as pdf)

Purpose of Group

  • To identify and undertake campaigns to improve the lives of asylum seekers and refugees locally.
  • To support relevant campaigns which improve the lives of asylum seekers and refugees nationally.

Group tasks

  • To identify which local asylum needs could benefit from campaigns, by consultation with visitor support groups, clients and other local organisations such as Southampton City of Sanctuary.
  • Campaign plan:  identify the best means of undertaking each campaign (e.g. via public media, social media, dialogue with politicians, co-ordination with other organisations, involvement of members etc.), develop a campaign plan, prioritise, programme and manage such campaigns.
  • To research and prepare evidence to support campaigns (e.g. local and national statistics, case studies and statements).
  • To identify which local or national campaigns (originated by other organisations) are particularly relevant to local asylum needs and to support these.
  • To involve SWVG Members and Friends in campaigns.
  • Seek suitable opportunities for SWVG to engage in helpful media events (e.g. on local radio) – not necessarily tied to particular campaigns.
  • Co-ordinate SWVG meetings and correspondence with local MPs.
  • To liaise with other sub-groups when appropriate, in particular the Communications sub-group and the Events sub-group.


  • Should typically have at least six members including:
    • At least one trustee.
    • At least one member of the Communications sub-group.
    • At least one member of the Events sub-group.

Frequency of Meetings

  • Monthly or according to need.


  • Three members need to be present


  • Reports to the trustees
  • Minutes to the Group Secretary for circulation to trustees