Biometric residence permits (BRPs)

The way in which BRP holders evidence their right to work and right to rent is changing. From 6 April 2022, BRP holders will evidence their right to work or rent using the Home Office online services only. Presentation of a physical document will no longer be acceptable.

BRP holders will still be able to use their physical document to confirm their identity, their right to study and their right to any public services or benefits.

This change supports the Home Office transition to an immigration system which will be digital by default. The ambition is to phase out physical documents before the end of 2024, moving towards a system of online evidence of immigration status (eVisas). This change is being rolled out incrementally.

If your Permit has not arrived, you can try to see what’s happening on the Home office website:

To carry out an online right to work or right to rent check, employers and landlords will need the applicant’s date of birth and their share code, which they will have obtained online. For further information on how to use the online services, guidance is available on GOV.UK:

Landlords’ guide to right to rent checks

Employer right to work checks supporting guidance