About being a “member” of SWVG

SWVG is a CIO (Charitable Incorporated Organisation). The SWVG constitution UPDATED at the AGM on 16 Nov 2020 sets the framework for membership of SWVG (“the CIO”).  This web page quotes the most important paragraphs of the articles on membership.

What does it mean to be a member of the CIO?

Being a member of the CIO gives you the right to:

  • Attend and vote at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), and any other formal General Meeting
  • Nominate people to be SWVG trustees, and vote on nominations for trustees
  • Take a motion to a formal Meeting, and vote on any motions brought to an Annual or formal General Meeting.

If the CIO is wound up, the members of the CIO have no liability to contribute to its assets and no personal responsibility for settling its debts and liabilities.

You can read more about membership in the SWVG constitution UPDATED at the AGM on 16 Nov 2020.

Admission of new members


“A person who supports the objects of the group and has fulfilled such other requirements to be decided from time to time by the trustees shall be eligible to become a member.”

Commentary: a person who meets these criteria is entitled to become a member but is not required to do so. Someone may be a volunteer or use SWVG’s services without being a member.

Commentary: see here [link to follow] for more about the training that is required by the trustees, and other requirements on volunteers, depending on the volunteer role.

Admission procedure

“The charity trustees may require applications for membership to be made in any reasonable way that they decide”

Commentary The trustees require anyone wishing to become a member to complete a short application form.

Duty of members

“It is the duty of each member of the CIO to exercise his or her powers as a member of the CIO in the way he or she decides in good faith would be most likely to further the purposes of the CIO.

Commentary: The trustees have decided that all members and volunteers, whatever their role, must:

  • Follow SWVG policies, with special emphasis on confidentiality, data protection, privacy and safeguarding
  • Take steps to prevent unauthorised or unintended breaches of confidentiality, e.g. by password protecting digital information, computers and smartphones

Termination of membership

“Membership of the CIO comes to an end if:

(i) the member dies; or

(ii) the member sends a notice of resignation to the charity trustees; or

(iii) the member ceases to meet the requirements for membership; or

(iv) the charity trustees decide that it is in the best interests of the CIO that the member in question should be removed from membership, and pass a resolution to that effect.”

Membership fees

“The CIO may require members to pay reasonable membership fees to the CIO.”

Commentary: SWVG has not set any membership fees, though members are encouraged to donate if they can.

This summary was approved by trustees via round robin email 31 May 2020, then amended following the change to the constitution at the AGM on 16 November 2020.