Opportunities for education

SWVG has a fund for enrolment and exam fees, books, equipment and travel to college.  Please send your requests to MAG admin@swvg-refugees.org.uk .

Women’s Wisdom

An SWVG client with leave to remain has recommended the charity Women’s Wisdom as a way of gaining confidence to prepare for work. With the help of sympathetic trainers she has done a course which has helped her see herself less as a victim and more as a person with skills and abilities to offer both personally and professionally. Check out http://www.womenswisdom.co.uk/

Southampton City College

St Mary Street  
SO14 1AR

Tel: 023 8048 4848?
Fax: 023 8057 7473
Email: enquiries@southampton-city.ac.uk?
Web: http://www.southampton-city.ac.uk

Southampton City College offers English (EFL) and IT classes to asylum seekers receiving NASS support.  Many of the teachers are very supportive to SWVG clients.

Preparing for university

The Lighthouse runs an IELTS familiarisation course for refugees, asylum seekers and people on low incomes. There is an initial assessment lasting one hour (20 minutes reading and 40 minutes writing).  The course has four sessions of two hours each, over a fortnight and is timed to finish two days before an IELTS exam at Southampton University.

Course fees:  £30 per student paid to Ruth in advance or at the first class.  The students will have to pay their own IELTS exam fee of £115.  Students will pay a £5 returnable deposit for a copy of the course book ‘Focus on IELTS’.

The Lighthouse 
St Mary’s Road
SO14 0BB
Tel. 023 8022 6004

Course tutor: Ruth Carr  ruth@keithandruth.me.uk

University of Winchester

SO22 4NR
Tel: 01962 827234

Email: course.enquiries@winchester.ac.uk

The University of Winchester offers one place for a student seeking sanctuary in the UK.  Tuition fees will be paid (until the student’s asylum claim is resolved) and there will be a comprehensive support plan.

The pilot scheme is the result of a partnership between the Helena Kennedy Foundation and the Cathedrals Group of Universities. 
For eligibility criteria and details, contact Rebecca Murray as soon as possible on
0797 944 1848 or email article26@hkf.org.uk.

Finding funds for courses
SWVG’s education fund can pay up to £100 per client per year for enrolment, exams or fees for courses, provided that the client is motivated and likely to finish the course.  Please apply to MAG in the usual way.

See also Sources of funding

Celia Cox has compiled a list of charities which offer grants, with details and contact information.  See attachment below.

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Charities which assist assylum seekers 2.xls

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