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Jo Renshaw, a partner in Turpin and Miller, Oxford who specialises in asylum law, acts as our legal advisor.

Legal Advice is available to SWVG  from Jo.  Jo is highly qualified in immigration law and helps us by:

  • Scrutinising legal bills. She is able to look at legal bills of clients who may have complicated cases and say whether the amount is reasonable.
  • Dealing with quick queries such as permission to work, volunteering, and family reunion. Quite often these queries are relevant to more than one client.
  • Undertaking case assessment – visitors can ask for their client’s case to be assessed.  The visitor needs to write a bit about the client in order to request a case review which will be sent to the Legal Justice Group

Jo Renshaw does NOT, except in very rare cases, act as solicitor for our clients. Her role is that of advisor to SWVG.

How to apply to the Project for help on behalf of a Client

There can be quite a lot of work when asking for a case assessment.  All documents which the client has must be meticulously listed. Jo will request relevant document from solicitor in case.  She reviews documents, does any necessary research and gives us her advice.

Whenever a request for a case review is made, the details are circulated to all Legal Justice Group members who decide whether to support the request.

Legal Justice Co-ordinator

Xanthe Hackett is the co-ordinator for the Legal Justice Project and liaises with Jo Renshaw. Please send all legal queries or requests regarding your client’s case to the following e-mail address: admin@swvg-refugees.org.uk (copy to Angela).  

If, in an emergency, there is direct contact between a visitor and Jo then the visitor should inform Xanthe.

It’s crucial that all contact with Jo is made through Xanthe as we have to account for all use of Jo’s time

Financial Support

The Legal Justice Group can also provide money for help with some legal matters (e.g. to pay for medical report) needed for clients.

If you wish to apply for financial support for your client on a legal related issue, ask any member of the Legal Justice Group.

Members of the Legal Justice Group:

  • Ian Diver
  • Xanthe Hackett (co-ordinator)
  • Anne Leeming
  • Elizabeth Prescott-Decie
  • Angela Sealey
  • Chris Stevens
  • Andrew White

If you have any requests for training relevant to this group, or suggestions for legal topics for a general meeting please contact a member of the Group.