Please can you sponsor one of our walkers? On Sunday 29th September they will walk 5, 8, 11,16 or 25 miles of the Test Way from Stockbridge to Romsey to raise funds for SWVG.

As well as befriending asylum seekers and refugees, we also contribute to the cost of travel. Destitute asylum seekers are forced to travel up to 500 miles on a round trip to Liverpool in order to submit evidence supporting their claims. And yet they get an allowance of only just over £5 a day from the Home Office.

Please use one of these links if you can give to help asylums-seekers:

The walk is organised by Rotary club of Romsey Test Trust Fund. The money raised will be split, 20% going to the Rotary Club and 80% to SWVG. 

Can you sponsor a walker for SWVG?